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Welcome! I’m Charm Bolohan and I want to help you get into the best shape of your life!

Yes, it’s possible and I’m walking proof of it. At the age of 60, I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in and you can do it too!

It’s not your fault that you’re out of shape.  Advertising and marketing encourage us to eat fast foods, processed foods, plus even in today’s hectic world, we just don’t get enough exercise.

But all that can change!

Losing weight is the easiest part, learning to change your lifestyle is a lifetime commitment. But no worries! I can help you achieve a healthier lifestyle as I’ve helped others do as well. I’ll be your personal coach and we’ll work through it together to take off the fat, lose weight, learn to make healthier food choices, and live the lifestyle you never dared to dream was possible at this stage in your life.

Work with me as part of my active, fun and supportive group, or work with me privately.  Either way, you’ll work alongside others just like you who share your lifestyle goals. We have a ball and real friendships have developed. Come as you are and find the new you in just a few short months!

To Your Health!

Charm's Bolohan




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